Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Facilitation Reflection

Collier and Rodriguez Texts - Facilitation Week


I like that I could related to this topic from a few different angles.  First, as a language teacher it was interesting to learn about and hear what works best as far as language learning.  Secondly, as a parent, of bilingual children (or at least that's the goal), it was definitely a topic I felt strongly about.  As always, a huge plus was our class discussion.  Our conversations always flow so effortlessly; it's really nice.  Although we did not go in the order we had originally planned, I think we did a good job of reading the classroom and altering our plans to go with the flow of the conversation.


As was mentioned in class and as seems to be the theme throughout the semester, it was very hard to stick to the text.  I had so many personal stories (both from the classroom and my household) that I was dying to share, but tried to keep it as much to the text as possible.  Because we have all become so comfortable with each other, I think the tendency among all of us is to want to share personal stories - which I think is GREAT...it just makes it more challenging to stick to the text.


I liked the shared doc that we did last class, I think we could have made a chart or something comparing a few different authors and all worked together in a common doc.  It would have been helpful/useful because then everyone would have the doc saved for future use.

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